Saturday, March 14, 2015

Dinner in bed

I have promised myself to leave my office on time everyday. It means 5.30pm sharp, I supposed to be walking to the punch card machine. Usually I have 3 meetings everyday and some stretches until 5.30pm or 6.00pm or even after 8.00pm. That means I will put my work on hold. 

It is also hard since my division is preparing one of the Strategy Papers for 11th Malaysia Plan. Extremely important document to chart the development of our nation from 2016 to 2020, and beyond.

I am paying the price since 3.00am this morning (Saturday). I bring home my outstanding works, try to do it in between cooking, managing the kids, doing the dishes, entertaining calls (yelling actually) from the President because I have not completed my report, sweep the floor and the list is endless. 

I didnt even know what is right, anymore. Both seems wrong.

To come home early everyday and put all the works on hold? 
(meaning coming home early with thick documents, but stay up until morning to complete the work and spending weekends like TODAY, in front of the laptop and didnt have time to see what my kids were doing)
To complete everything at the office so I can have my family time at home, after work and during weekend. (meaning, I go home late)

Well that's not the point actually.
I just want to post this. My husband prepared me a dinner on bed.
...because I havent finished my work. And I have another two more reports to go.


nihadriz said...

dilemma kan?

weekends pulun buat kerja sambil layan anak2. haih.

Nuyu said...


But I try my best to go home early everyday. Memang 1000% focus on work at the office.