Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Informative Stairwell Competition : The before

My office held an Informative Stairwell Competition last year. Each section need to beautify their stairwell and make it informative to encourage people to opt for the stair. I am always a fan of Active Design. This project quietly encourage us to make healthier choices.

I was selected to be the project leader. I googled some images and took photographs of other floors which has painting works in progress (*strategy* start late and look for inspiration) and presented it in the meeting. These are some designs-in-progress by other sections:
My section agreed to have a minimalist approach, simple, not too colourful as kindergarten's wall and have relevant information about our division (the important point of this competition is - the information). They even agreed with the idea of painting the floor with dark colour since the tiles were badly stained. No scrubbing work could take the 30 years old stain off the old tiles. No point of having interesting wall, but dirty floor. Gitu konsepnya.
So, these are the BEFORE and my quick rendering during the discussion, taking into consideration their ideas. Once we FINALLY agreed on the colour scheme, I can feel the excitement across the meeting room! 
Well, I think I was the only one worried about the whole thing because the final design involves specialty paints. Epoxy for the floor and glow-in-the-dark for the edge of the tread. (the staircase is black, so we plan to apply glow-in-the-dark paint on the tread edge so no one will miss the step during emergency). Great idea, huh?

Then I went paint-hunting.

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