Thursday, March 5, 2015

Saturday Art : Movie Box

Last two weeks, the kids made a movie box. They decided on the movie title and the story line, then they drew the scenes on a loooong "film strip". 
I constructed a box with a hole in the middle and poked two long sticks at both sides (to roll the film strip). 

Once the film strip is ready, I just taped both film ends to the sticks and roll it to the right side, clockwise. To watch the movie, the storyteller have to twist the left stick - counter clockwise - slowly for the audience to enjoy the show.

A story of a cute boy, Super Nami (*ehem* Nazmi *ehem*) saving baby Naurah (his cousin) from a toy dinasour attack in Kuantan.
SUPER GOOD BOY. Enjoy the show! 


Hidayah said...

I am so in love with this - the project, the idea, the boys' creativity. Kudos sister! :)

Nurul said...

Thank you, Hidayah.