Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Malacca : RMK11 LFM & CI Workshop @ Ramada

I have attended a mini-lab to prepare the Logical Framework Matrix (LFM), Creativity Index (CI) and other components under the Blue Ocean Strategy for proposed projects under the Focus Group (FG) on Remanufacturing Industry for the 11th Malaysia Plan (2016-2020). (ya my work is mouthful like that)

Since the FG Lead was away on Day 01, so I took charge on the FG. This is the best group I've been working with so far since it consists of experts from the academia (Dr. Rijal, Dr. Yusof and soon to be Dr. Halim), standards expert (Dr. Wan) and expert from remanufacturing field itself, the businessmen duo, Mr. Safwan and Mr. Rahim.
Their presentations were excellent!!! Well, how can it be otherwise since they are the experts in this country :) It is truly a privilege to develop this new industry in Malaysia with all of you, guys. Really hope I will return to this unit, develop remanufacturing industry with the team until 2020 and beyond, when I am back in October 2016.

Eh, why October 2016? Stay tune.

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