Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Malacca : Happy hours

I had a pack schedule during the mini-lab in Ramada Malacca two weeks ago. BUT. BUT I can still find time to go to Ramada's spacious gym. 
I woke up early, solat and went to the gym. I spent one hour there before I had my breakfast and prepared for the lab at 8.15am. I really enjoyed the view outside.
During the break in the evening, I changed to my gym attire, went straight to the gym. I spent almost 2 hours there, had my dinner and prepared for the lab.
It was a time well spent.


Fazyat said...

Cool! Good job sis! But we only need 2 and half hours workout per week to keep or cardio at a good level. This is according to heart expert- Dr. Louis Ignarro mD (Nobel Prize Winner) :)

nuyu said...

Noted! Thank you Kemul!
lepas ni tak boleh overdo dah.

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