Sunday, June 12, 2016

Winter 2015 : The Anglo-Saxon costume

The last school project (well, this one is specifically assigned to the parent) before I could resume with my final essays.

The first night, I sew the trouser. I have brought a used light brown corduroy curtain for the trousers because the trip will be held in the winter. It must be really cold to spend the whole day outside.The Anglo-Saxons wore wool trousers wrapped around with a strip of cloth or leather. I have compiled a few photo/illustrations to give you some ideas on how the trousers look like (left), on the right is Nazreen's trousers. It was quite complicated but I am glad I've nailed it!
A few days after that, I did his tunic and other accessories. Alhamdulillah. I brought a used duvet cover for his tunic and another thick curtain for his cape (I designed it in such a way that the cape covers his chest, to keep him warm in the cold winter). 
The Anglo-Saxon has decorations on the neck and wrists. I found a haberdashery one day (Alhamdulillah!) and bought decorative fabric ribbon (for the wrists), rubber strip for the waist (before, he needs to tie it) and huge pins to imitate Anglo-Saxon's brooch. Photos on the left (below) are the Anglo-Saxon's brooches. The right is Nazreen's brooch. The round steel is actually a curtain's hole :) It is not the same but close enough. I am sure people in the Anglo-Saxon village would appreciate the details.
Well, I was glad to be able to finish this project in two nights. Nazreen was really proud running to his school in the morning in this costume, cant wait to show his costume to his friends! The initial plan was him to wear black shoes but the morning was so cold, he need to put on his winter boots.  
He asked me for a photo shoot session near our house after the trip.

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