Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Winter 2015 : Anglo Saxon shield - first and second attempt

Nazreen will learn about Anglo-Saxon this term. Anglo-Saxon is a group of people who inhibit Great Britain since 5th century. Nazreen has a list of Anglo Saxon-related project to complete over the holiday and he chose to do an Anglo Saxon shield.

I browsed through some websites and I found out that their shield is massive (photos below). The Anglo-Saxon shield is characterised by a small dome made of steel fixed to the centre of the shield. I had a few Alice modes on how to plan that part. Nazreen chose the red and blue design (below, right).

Since we didnt have any huge material to construct the shield, Plan A, I asked my husband to bring us to the nearest supermarket to get some big boxes. They usually gathered the boxes near the electrical items aisle after they unpack their products. Unfortunately, when we arrived, they have brought everything out and the recyclables was just collected by the lorry +_+

Therefore, Plan B. I plan to construct a papier-mâché shield. My husband bought aluminum pie pans for Plan C, should our papier-mache project failed ;p 

Determined, we starts the project once we got home. We use the largest stainless steel tray in the house.
We manage to do 20 layers before we ran out of glue. My mom was on Skype all the way, scanning for areas which require more glue or more paper. She loves arts and crafts just like we do. 

I use a plastic ice blended drink cover for the 'steel' dome element. I stuffed it with newspapers and taped it to a board. It turned out great :)
We use the portable heater to dry it.
Well, I am proud to say that it is unsuccessful because we ran out of glue. We need more glue so the papers could hold the weight of the massive shield. However, I applaud the effort put by my kids for this experiment :) Although it failed, it was a time well-spent with the kids. I went straight to my laptop to do my essays afterwards. lol.

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