Thursday, June 2, 2016

Winter 2015 : Anglo-Saxon shield - the final product!

Yup, it is Plan C alright.

Thank you Papa for having the strategic thinking (the papier-mache is going to fail ;p). So, we are now constructing the shield with the aluminum pie pans *sigh* They are too small *sigh*. My husband told me not to be too serious with the whole size thing. lol. Nazreen doesnt mind making small shield, so, we just proceed with the SMALL pie pans.

Nazreen cut an A3 papers into two semi-circles. He painted each paper with red and blue paint. Leave it dry for a while. Then, he put a good amount of glue on the bottom of the pie pan and stick the red and blue papers.
Then, I helped him to stick a grey duct tape in between to make it looks neat. We leave it for a night, while I am endlessly in Alice Mode, thinking how to make the small steel dome in the centre and studs around the shield (click here to see shield design chosen by Nazreen). Baubles came to my mind!

We went out the next day to buy baubles. It was Christmas and there were baubles everywhere, some of them are shiny and steel-like. I also found a suitable embellishment to act as the studs. I bought both for GBP1 each. Yay!
So, here is the excited Nazreen. My husband helped him to cut the bauble into half. It was hard. The first attempt by end up with miserable chipped dome. Luckily we have 8 baubles. lol. The following attempt came out okay (not that good, still chipped but not that obvious).

Nazreen stick it in the centre and started to put on the 'metal studs'. And he continues with smaller studs around the shield.
Meanwhile, I helped him with the holder using fabric and kitchen tissue roll on another pie pan. And finally, Nazreen pasted both pie pans together (his beautifully embellished shield front and another pie pan with holder).
IT TURNED OUT REALLLLLLY GREAT!!!!!!! He even offered Nazran some helps afterwards because Nazran wants an Anglo-Saxon shield too!

This was a very adventurous project. A very good break from my final essays. Bring it on!!!

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