Sunday, June 12, 2016

Winter 2015 : The history of Manchester project

During the Christmas break, while Nazreen was working with his Anglo-Saxon project, Nabil was busy doing research on Manchester. He need to prepare an informative model on Manchester. I was thinking about an A3 card which opens like a window but Nabil has better idea. He want it to be 3D!

The only problem was... we have no box. haha.
And suddenly, somebody knocked on our door and....our ikan kering (dried salted fish) and ikan bilis arrived from Malaysia!! The parcel was sent by my family. 

I was excited to get the ikan kering, I fried it right away! We ate it while chatting with my parent via Skype. But Nabil was excited for different reason. He got the box!
Nabil starts to gather recyclables around the house for his project. 

I helped him to shape the box into suitable size we filled it with recyclables according to our agreed design.
We covered the recyclables properly. It started to take a form.
Then, Nabil took it from there. He covered the box with coloured papers and add in some 'grass', where he will positioned the famous peoples.
After that, Nabil added in information on Manchester, historical timeline, famous person from Manchester (we made a quick trip to Curry's to buy a printer for this purpose) and map of Manchester. He trace the Manchester map from my laptop screen since we didnt have a printer yet. Talk about hardwork and creativity!
The finished project! He stick the printed famous people onto a cardboard, cut them then taped them to ice cream sticks. The sticks were then inserted into the foam underneath. Now you know why we put some layers of foam in the photo up there.
He wrapped the box with wrapping paper and add in leftover studs from Nazreen's project.
He was extremely happy and proud with the outcome. He made it in four days. He was invited to show his project to the school assembly. His teacher told me that Nabil's project is really good during the parent-teacher meeting. Alhamdulillah.

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