Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Winter 2015 : Forces

Nabil, Nazreen and Nazran have received list of topics to learn over the holiday to prepare for the next term. Nabil's lesson for next term is dynamics and forces.

On Thursday, when I went to the Harpurhey Market (second hand market on Thursdays) with my husband and Nazmi, I found this precious box for GBP3 <3 .="" i="">Alhamdulillah.
It consists of equipment to conduct 40 experiments on dynamics and gravity at home for kids.
The first few experiments we did that night was on surface tension. First, we found out whether a pin can float on water surface. Yes, it can for a short while. 
  This experiment was also on surface tension.
This experiment was on air pressure. Nazran has successfully turned the glass upside down without spilling the water.
The last experiment we did that night was whether an egg can float in a salty water (a lotttttttt of salt involved in this experiment). Yes, it can float. 
Nabil was so happy to get a heads up on his lesson next term. Alhamdulillah Allah eases our journey here. We have another 36 experiments to go!

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