Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Winter 2015 : Solat time in winter

Many people asked me about solat time during winter. Subuh is late. Solat times are short. I have class at 10-12noon, 12-2pm and 2-5pm on Mondays (luckily I only have three sessions of 5-7pm class earlier this semester. It ended before winter). In between 12-5, I need perform Zuhur, Asar and Maghrib. It was quite hectic. I seek advise from a couple of people whether it is permissible to combine the solat (jamak) since I have a packed schedule on Mondays. The answer is yes.

Usually, we were released 10-15 minutes earlier so we can walk to the next venue. I usually walk really fast to the next lecture room (or if the next classroom is still occupied, I go to the next classroom), eat my packed lunch, take ablution and wait for Zuhur. I usually perform my Zuhur and Asar (jamak) in any empty and dark classroom, then run to the lecture at 12noon. I never worried about my seat if I arrive a bit late because I love to seat in the front row and it is usually empty ;) I just perform my solat in whatever cloth I am wearing.

But, when Zuhur is a bit later than 12, I performed my solat in between class 12-2 and 2-5. Same routine. Walk fast, take ablution, pray anywhere. I have no choice because when the class ended, it is nearly Isyak. Again, I have to find any corner and perform Maghrib and Isyak (jamak). It is already dark and not so many people around. Then I take the bus, for a one hour journey home. 

The whole experience was extremely fun! (Minus the paranoia walking home alone in the dark after getting off the bus - *every person I met is a potential killer* *everybody wear hoodie at night* *wear trainer everyday, prepare to run* *too much movie*) 

This is the solat time in December 2015.

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