Thursday, October 3, 2013

Baby Nazmi had an Acute Bronchiolitis

Before we went to Sabak Bernam for the 1M4U event, baby Nazmi had a cough and flu. It getting worse while we were in Sabak Bernam. I took a leave on Monday and brought him to see a paeds. We spent nearly 2 hours there. He went in and out. He was given a nebuliser treatment twice in one hour and still, nothing improved. He was referred to the hospital.
I went back to pack our stuff, wait for my husband to come home, then we went to the hospital. He was given another dose of neb. Still, nothing. It was quite a struggle because he cried most of the time. After the 3rd neb, the paramedic decided to send him to the ICU.

I was like...WHAT???
Please get the doctor to check. Shortly after, a cute doctor arrived and baby Nazmi was given another round of nebuliser treatment (with different med). After 30 minutes, he showed some signs of improvement. Yippie!
No more neb. We can go home.

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