Friday, October 11, 2013

KAED Fest : Bali & Lijiang Exhibition

KAED stands for Kulliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design. I studied there for 6 years. KAED Fest is KAED's annual festival. You will see all sort of creative-minded people gathered there, all kind of booth selling creative merchandise, with wonderfully crafted booth signs - usually handmade, some creative - yet Islamic - performing arts, colourful posters and paintings everywhere, exhibition, competition, music, food and of course, the friendly students of KAED.
(Poster taken from Khalilah Zakariya's FB)

I had a chance to visit the Landscape Heritage & Cultural Studies Exhibition by landscape architecture students after I came back from the office on the 4th day. I told my husband I want to visit the exhibition the minute I saw my friend Kayla posted that marvelous poster (above) in FB. I went there with Nabil because he loves anything art-sy (and because his brothers were sleeping that time).

The students went to Bali, Indonesia and the Old Town of Lijiang, China for the Study. These are their final works. Awesome.

Old Town Lijiang team:
 Bali team:

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