Thursday, October 24, 2013

Birthday presents for everyone

Yesterday was my nephew's birthday.
I went out during lunch time and grab a few presents for him (5 in total) (H), for my sons (N), my niece (S) and my cousin (J).
I cut out the letters using the blank side of the [leftover] gift wrap.

We have these rules in the house :

1. On anyone's birthday (be it my sons', my nephew's, my niece's, my 8yo cousin's - all se7en of them) - each kid should received at least one similar birthday present. Usually they got 4 (from my sister, me, my brother and my aunt). 

2. The one who is celebrating the birthday, should get extra.

So, in a year, they should received 4 presents each in 6 different birthday celebrations (4x6=24 presents=WOW!). Why 6 birthdays since there are 7 kids? 6 birthdays because Nabil's and Nazran's are only one day apart (Nabil 4 Dec and Nazran 2 Dec, of course, different year) and we usually celebrate it together. 

I love to shop for birthday presents for the kids. You could just buy anything and they will really appreciate it!

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