Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Kids : 1M4U Charity Event @ Sekendi Orphanage

Our kids were having fun at the orphanage. They met new friends, they learned new things, involved in motivational games and art & craft activities. I let them run everywhere for the whole day.

Nabil is listening to the motivational talk.
 After the talk, they have motivational games.
After they found out that Nazreen is only 6 years old and probably not being able to participate in the next motivational games that involved critical thinking and a bit of math, he was sent to the art and craft activities. lol.
(Left) Baby Nazmi was sick. I have no choice but to bring him along. (Right) Nazreen and Nazran after being lectured by their dad about how fortunate they are as to compare with the orphans (after they bugged us non-stop, asking for ice-cream). Insaf 10 minit.
This is Nazran, after he threw up. He was quite a celebrity there.
 See what I am talking about? Everybody enjoy rubbing his tummy.

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