Friday, October 18, 2013

Afternoon Matinee 2.0

My first post on Afternoon Matinee (here).

Yesterday was the second show. It was a bomb! The sound system was great!

The hall is prettier this time. There were red fabrics hanging between black curtains, so it gave the hall more character. There were more round tables so more people could sit together in a group and enjoy their meal while watching this cute movie (well, who doesnt like to look at pretty clothes and shoes?)
The food? OMG. Dont get me started. I skipped my lunch yesterday because of these: 
Free flow of buttery yet crispy popcorn, cotton candy, TAKOYAKI (great!!!!) and A&W's signature coney dog. Who can say NO to all these?? 

This is the front row. How cool is that?
I sat on a comfortable sofa at the front. This is the view from my spot.
What I like the most about this session is the discussion on the key takeaways at the end of the session. Actually, I have a lot of things to share but I was having a flu and I cant speak properly with blocked nose +__+



Mye said...

Siapa sponsor ni? Sakitnya hati aku tgk makanan2 tu hahaha

nurul said...

Budget Unit Latihan.