Thursday, December 31, 2015

Deco : BollyNite

I was tasked to lead the deco (construction) team for our office's annual dinner. I  contributed a few ideas for the Bollywood theme (since I have involved in a BollyNite before) and the larger team came out with the final proposals. What I need to do is to turn them into reality.
I gather a few people with artistic flair whom I knew could deliver a quality work. We discussed on the resources, work delegation and timeline in 10 minutes, then we started to do whatever we need to do.
Love working with creative people. You dont have to monitor them closely or teach them how to do anything. THEY JUST KNOW HOW TO DO IT AND THEY DELIVER ON TIME. Thanks Ena, Aziz and Ayie.

My main tasks are to construct a replica of a film reel, an arch for the entrance and a movie clapper. These are only 20% of the whole deco elements. I only did the film reel. The rest, and another 70%, were taken care by Ena and Ayie. Gila terer mereka ini, bolehla saya pencen buat kerja2 begini lepas ni. I do have a lot of works and meetings in between preparing for this event.

I only focused on this from day one.
These creative duo did a good job constructing the arch. I just gave them the dimensions. It finished the next day. They didn't talk much while doing the work. That's how serious and professional they are! See my reel in progress there? ;)
Ena did the clapper 
Special thanks to Syazwan and Ikram who brought this huge film reel to the venue, on motorcycle! The giant reel doesnt fit in the MPV or a van or our bus. We've tried it all.
We laughed really hard looking at this. And I laughed harder when I arrived at the venue - when they informed that it fell off the motorcycle due to the strong wind, broken and I have to put it together again on the stage. I didn't mind at all. I came prepared because I need to set the reel on the stage and add in the 'film'.  
The film reel was designed as a continuity from the backdrop. It goes in from one side and came out from the other side. I am not good in explaining but this is how it looks like at the other end.
 The photobooths 
There were gazebo, umbrellas, red carpet area with papparazi and other deco elements, but I didn't have the photos. I didn't attend the event. I took a day off because my dad was scheduled to have eye procedure that day.

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