Saturday, December 19, 2015

Graphic Note 101 : The talk

(Saturday - random stuff day)

I was requested to deliver a talk on Graphic Note - that's what I call my work - before I left for Manchester. I didnt only do mind map, but I combine my day-to-day note-taking with sketchnote. It is the hybrid and I call it Graphic Note.
I didnt expect many people would turn up since I posted the ad at the last minutes. I emailed the HR Training Unit to borrow some markers and some post-its notes for my talk. To my surprise, they didnt only agreed to supply everything that I need for the session, the HR officers were also interested to come and find out what my notion of Graphic Note is all about! I was speechless!

The session went well. I have the best participants! I love to see my boss enjoyed the session very much. Everybody has tried their best, pushed their limits during the practical sessions and in the end, we laughed at each others' drawings! That was the best way to end the day.

I glad to share the knowledge and skills with the rest. I hope it will benefit them as much as it benefited me.

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