Tuesday, December 29, 2015

HLP2015 : Biro Tatanegara (BTN)

BTN stands for Biro Tatanegara. This was my third time attending BTN.
I look forward for BTN because it was the last hurdle in the formal process. The duration was only 5 days. FIVE INTENSIVE DAYS because my day started at 5.00am and ends at midnight. I usually was the first lady to reach the surau at 5.30am because I didn’t want to queue for the bathroom in the morning. I woke up really early, take a bath and walk to the surau. We had congregational prayers except for Zuhur and Asar, every day.
I enjoyed the programme very much.
The first day was quite a struggle because I have developed a problem with nerves system around my eyes a couple of weeks back during QA course. I can’t keep my eyes open, whether they blink excessively or close by themselves. Sometimes it was only left eyes, sometimes only the right one.
There were many sub-specialist candidates joined this session. I was blessed to have them when I need the most. I have a long chat with a neurologist and ophthalmologist about my worsening eyes condition. I also grabbed a seat with a dietitian at every meal time to get free advise on *duh* balanced diet. For the rest of the day in the hall, I sat with dentists. Being surrounded by doctors for five days would *psychologically* make you feel healthier ;p

Our days revolves around this pink book and other patriotic matters. There was an open book test on the last day. It is easier if you remember the content by heart.

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