Thursday, December 24, 2015

HLP2015 : The application to the universities

After the proposal preparation, IELTS and choosing the university, this was another intimidating task. The application to the universities. I NEED TO BE ACCEPTED. Somewhere.

The idea of having to compete with people from all over the world with, of course, excellent undergraduate result and outstanding co-curricular activities was truly daunting.
The preparation of the statements of purpose was quite a breeze because I already have necessary information in my proposal. I just need to do some background reading to support my statement.
HOWEVER, recommendation letters from my superiors (current and previous superiors) was the tricky part. Finding the right bosses (I have worked with a lot of superiors before) and get them to write good stuff about you is a challenge; when they asked me to list down my good qualities, read, masuk ke dalam bakul serta cuba mengangkatnya, was actually the most embarrassing part. 

Luckily they agreed to prepare the letters themselves, without my intervention.

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