Friday, December 11, 2015

HLP2015 : Application – Proposal

HLP stands for Hadiah Latihan Persekutuan. It is a hadiah by the Federal Government of Malaysia to deserving public officers to further their studies at Master or PhD level, in local universities or universities abroad. In turn, they will able to contribute more to the country’s development.

Alhamdulillah, I am among the selected officers for 2015. And I have promised my friends to put up my journey here. Well, even if they didn’t requested, I will put it up here anyway ;p
I keep postponing furthering my study before.
We wait until Nabil grow a bit, I told my husband in 2005.
Then we had Nazreen in 2007. Ok, we shall wait for Nazreen to be like 3 or 4 years old… (the reason being is it is easier to travel/live in new environment with toddler that has stop breastfeeding and diaper-free)
Then I got pregnant with Nazran in 2008. OK, we wait a bit for Nazran to reach 3 or 4 years old.   
… And it became 5 years. Then I got pregnant with Nazmi.
OK, I am definitely going to do my proposal! I told my husband after I safely delivered baby Nazmi.
I didn’t manage to meet the deadline for 2014 session (in 2013) because I was in confinement. Preparing proposal during confinement is the last thing I wanted to do.
Allah has the best plan.
I send my first ever proposal (in 2014) for 2015 session. And I am selected. We are selected.
The most painstaking stage for me is preparing the proposal, then look for the suitable university that suits the proposal. And, oh, preparing for IELTS in between.
I decided to further my study on Industrial Development. I took a day off because I found it really hard to shift my focus, to write a proposal during lunch time, or between meetings, or even after office hour. I need a pleasant environment so I could properly think and write. I need to be at home.
However, there were different challenges at home. Lol. Nazmi will always negotiate his spot between me and the keyboard. And he found it really vital to scribble or munch all documents and books on the table between changing diaper and breastfeeding. I constantly find myself changing Nazmi’s position on my lap after typing every sentence and shifting from Microsoft Words to videos on nursery rhymes and back to Words, then video, all night. At that stage, I really hope Allah will ease my journey to complete the proposal and excel in my IELTS.

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