Monday, December 28, 2015

HLP2015 : Quantitative Analysis (QA) course

Last time it was a six week course. But this time, it was a ten days course. Just imagine the intensity of the course- six weeks cramped into 10 days.

We were given a long list of key readings to be completed throughout the course and online courses in EPSA to be completed before we attend the course. This is a blended learning approach by INTAN to make sure all officers have similar level of understanding on the subject matter before they attended the course.
I was so stressed out. I had lung infection just one week before the course. I was on medical leave for two weeks. Luckily I managed to talk to the course convener and she put me in the list for the next session.
Contrary to what other people said, the QA course was not that bad – no statistics or any form of calculation involved - just a series of lectures, interactive learning at the library and group presentations/debate. On the 7th day, I got an eye infection and was on medical leave for two days *sigh*

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