Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I have exhausted the list

...for HLP. I hope it will benefit anyone who plan to apply for HLP in the future. Just make sure you have ample time to prepare for the proposal, statement of purpose, IELTS and universities' online registrations.
After tomorrow's entry on Bollywood Night deco, there will be no more auto-published entry until 20ish Jan next year. I need time to work on my final essays, 10500 words all together. Then, I need to prepare for my final exam.
I will auto-publish our preparation for Manchester (Road to Manchester) before I start posting about our life here. Believe me, I have sooooo many things to put in here. I will set three auto-published posts per day after my exam :)
Stay tune.
Right now, Storm Frank is building up somewhere in the North/West (cant recall), but we can feel the impact here in Manchester. Our storm windows rattled like crazy in the strong wind. This is the sixth storm we have experienced since we arrived in the UK three months ago.

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