Tuesday, December 15, 2015

HLP2015 : Application – The university

Choosing the university. Oh my. 

There were nearly 200 universities (both local and abroad) in the list to choose from. I chose to study aboard, so it left me with around….well, nearly 200 universities. I keep my option open. I didn’t have any particular university in mind that time. I spent three days to go through EVERY UNIVERSITY WEBSITES to find the suitable school for me - in the US, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Austria, NZ, Japan, you name it. 

It was EXTREMELY HARDDDD to explain the STRUGGGGGLEEE that time. My eyes hurt. Unfriendly and hard to navigate websites add to the pressure. I was not only looking for suitable school, I also have to scrutinise the admission criteria. Some school only look for economics graduates, some require prerequisites in statistical analysis or econometrics. There were a few with application period that has comes to end.
To my surprise, I only found one (The University of Manchester) that suit my plan and does not require undergraduate degree in economics. I exchanged a few emails with the course conveners and they assured me that this course is right for me. 

Then I just add in another two (on international trade), for the sake of filling the form.

I fill in the forms and submitted it to the HR Department one day before the deadline. I pray for the best and I leave everything to Allah.

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