Monday, December 21, 2015

HLP2015 : The application result

It was really a torture to wait for the result and counting days until I feel like losing hope. I started to doubt the content of my proposal, I read it over and over again for a few days until I reached a point to which I agreed that the proposal was rubbish. Begitu paranoid. Then I started to get busy with the preparation of my attachment in Delhi, then 11th Malaysia Plan until I have no time to think about it.

Until I received an SMS - while driving back from the office - saying that the result has been published online in eSila. Without any delay, ok that was overly dramatic, AFTER TWO traffic lights, I pull over from the main road and started to hyperventilate. I was literally shaking and my hands were cold. I tried to type in the username and password. Guess what? I failed miserably. I cant even remember my username.
I opened my inbox to retrieve the information. Then I managed to log in. The font was so small. I tried to make it bigger but somehow I accidentally log myself out. HOW IRRITATING WAS THAT?
I logged in second time. And there it was – Permohonan : Berjaya (Luar Negara). A step closer to the academic world!
I was extremely happy…until I scrolled down and read about the interview....

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