Sunday, December 27, 2015

Deco: Raya @ My Office

(a while ago...)
I was tasked to lead and come out with Raya deco proposals in a few hours (long story short - I was preparing for my study leave so I do not want to involve in any adhoc project in between completing my outstanding  works in the office. BUT, the person in-charge stepped down and no one wants to take up the challenge. The Senior Director called me and requested me to lead the team).
So I said YES. I came out with a proposal in three hours. The theme is orange. I went to the office the next day to obtain the Senior Director's approval, then presented it to the Project Manager. And lastly, to our Datin President, for approval. They said YES. And I started to buy the materials the day after. All these happened during my three days leave. 
Not to mentioned, a lot of Alice mode in between.
So, these are the simple decorations that I did with the team for our Raya:

Lantern-like welcoming element for the ceiling and tents.
Thank you Mas Ayu for printing these and get the team to hang these around the venue :)
Then I overheard someone said, I may not be able to beat last year's IG frame for photo booth. Well, sir, I didnt like to beat anyone's design, fyi. Everyone is good in their own way. But I do made this. I know how young people likes to take photos in a huge frame nowadays. It has real fabric curtain, btw. It is so heavy that we need to hang it using a steel chain.
My signature block letters.
I made it from scratch. I got help from Ain, my colleague with a limited vision and a few others, but Ain was with me until the end. She's a very good companion. 
Although she knew cant see that much, she did asked me whether she could help me a bit to paint the block letters. Are you kidding?? OF COURSE YES!! I told her she have to paint all the blocks herself because I have other things to complete. She was extremely happy because she was never been given a chance to paint anything before and now I trusted her to complete the most important and largest deco element! I can see the joy of a five years old radiates out from her eyes and smile when she started to dip the brush into the paint... right until she completed the last block. 
I completed the look with a thick orange paper on the black block letters.
I plan to construct 'RAYA @ MITI' but then I received a directive to add in the word 'NETWORKING'. So I rushed to get a thick styrofoam board and a foam cutter. I wanted the word 'networking' to be in a cursive form, as a contrast to the rigid 'RAYA @ MITI'. Constructing 'networking' in a block form would be realllllly time consuming.

Again, Ain was there to get the projector running in the hall and helped me to trace the letters onto the board. Freehand would not work this time because we are running out of time. I need to have a consistent lettering (stroke, height, thickness) and have them cut by the end of the day. I need them to be painted the next day.
I get PUSPANITA ladies to help me with the paint work. It was Ain's idea to paint it in orange at the sides and leave the front part white (well, I asked them to paint it white anyway to cover the bubbly Styrofoam surface). It turned out great!
One day before the event, I was asked what is my plan for the lobby? I was like.. I have no plan for that +_+ It was not in my initial (agreed) proposal. "Please create something for the lobby to greet all the Excellencies and honourable guests" .

Okay... (put on thinking hat now)

I remember a pair of exhibition panels in the preparation room. I asked Mas Ayu to get his friend, a guy who happened to have a mak andam sister, to see me. I need to borrow A LOT OF FLOWERS from him, I didnt care if the flowers are not orange. I just need FLOWERS. I manage to rent these precious flowers for free of charge.
Meanwhile, I started to alter the official event backdrop into a smaller version (A2) for the panels. A few people came to put together the posters, flower and the lampu lip lap. The last minute project completed. We have two of these at both side of the lobby.
I try not to let anyone down because this is the important event for the office. Last minute 'networking'? you got that. Need something at the lobby? You got that too. As long as I have a huge group of dedicated people to help me, I will deliver the work on time :) 

We do have some small-scale deco works to ensure the consistency of the theme throughout the event. Since all tables will be equipped with festive cookies and various snacks containers, I have designed a Raya tag for them and tie it with orange and black ribbons.
We also have orange chewable candies that we just poured on the tables. Personally, I didn't like hard candies because it took a long time to dissolve. I prefer chewable candies. They can eat it while waiting for the event to start or after the meal to get rid of the after taste. Or just simply take it home :) Unfortunately I didn't manage to take a photo of the candies.

These are the deco for our last Raya event in this building.
Thank you for the opportunity and trust given to me and my team. And thank you PUSPANITA team for your hard work and dedication! 
I received a few requests to construct the block letters for wedding planners/mak andam, after the event. Unfortunately I have to decline. I need time to prepare for my study leave. Sorry all. 


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