Saturday, April 9, 2016

Fall 2015 : Astronomical seasons

Living in four seasons country is new to us. We didnt know what to expect because the temperature is constantly changing, our surrounding is changing and I need to check the weather forecast frequently before I could decide what to wear to my class everyday. No two days are the same here. Especially if you are living in Manchester.

Met Office is my favourite website here. I learn something new everyday from them.
Now, let's learn about the four astronomical seasons and when each season starts.
(Source: Met Office)

From the Met Office:

Solstices and equinoxes are considered to be the astronomical transition points between the seasons and mark key stages in the astronomical cycle of the earth. In a year there are two equinoxes (spring and autumn) and two solstices (summer and winter). The dates of the equinoxes and solstices aren't fixed due to the Earth's elliptical orbit of the sun. The Earth's orbit around the sun means that in early January, the sun is closest (known as perihelion) and in early July it is most distant (aphelion).

Interesting, isn't it?

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