Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Fall 2015 : Storm Names - Storm A B C

From the Met Office8 September 2015 - The Met Office and Met Éireann, the Irish Met Service are running a pilot project to name wind storms (click here for more).

So they have names. I mean, the storms.
It must be a frequent event that they require names to refer to each storm, I told my husband.

It is true, indeed!
We were bombarded with storm after storm after storm starting from November 2015. Although some missed the Greater Manchester, but we still get the gust (sudden rush of wind) and gale (strong and continuous wind), and of course, the torrential rain! 
From the Met Office
We received a lot of wind because we are living on the hill! 

In November alone, we welcomed Storm Abigail (12-13 Nov), Storm Barney (17-18 Nov) and Storm Clodagh (29 Nov). These are some of the headlines from the Manchester Evening News:

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