Thursday, April 7, 2016

Fall 2015 : Cooking session at school

Before the half-term, we were invited to Nabil and Nazreen's school. They are having a cooking session and parents could taste their kids' cooking at 3pm.

We went to the school hall at 3. Nazreen's class bake Banana Magic cake. It tastes sooooo good, even for people who didnt eat banana (me!) It is gone within a few minutes. The kids taking their time to prepare the handwritten menu, as nice as possible for parents who wants to try the recipe at home. I bring home different recipes from all classes.
Then, we taste Nabil's Salad Lettuce Mango. He prepared the mango. I love it very much! It has different texture and variety of taste from different types of fruits.
We also taste sandwiches, pumpkin soup and soft bread from other classes.

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