Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Fall 2015 : Packed dinner (lunch)

For the first two weeks in the new school, we paid GBP10 per person per week for Nabil and Nazreen's dinner, just to know what kind of food provided by the school, so we could prepare similar menu which sufficient to keep them full until 3pm. I have reminded them that the food prepared by the school is Halal, but Nazreen keep on asking the dinner lady on whether it is Halal or not. His teacher met me one day and asked me to remind Nazreen that everything is Halal, he is not supposed to be afraid to eat.

On the third week, we started preparing the packed dinners. These are some of them:
Main dishes we have prepared for them - pasta, grilled cheese sandwich, egg and mayo sandwich, tomato and salami pizza, hotdog with minced beef in chuncky tomato topping, omelette, fried rice and vegetable, scramble egg in hotdog bun, various type of burgers, quesadilla and wraps. Their teachers will check if there is a vegetable in the main dish. They will get a sticker if they have vegetable.

Fruit - orange, many types of apple, conference pear, grapes, berries, banana and peach.

Snack - biscuit, rice cakes, corn thins, cakes, bread pudding, yogurt.

Juice - nowadays, skyjuice. Last time, it was orange, pineapple, apple, exotic fruit mixture, beetroot, mango, tomato, berries. I just blend whatever fruit we have at home.

Dont asked me why they called lunch, dinner. I didnt know.

Sometimes I just wonder why they have such a good looking and healthy packed dinner while I always end up with a miserable egg sandwich in a sandwich bag which usually squashed in the backpack (well, I read somewhere that squashed sandwich tastes better - it is!) or cereal bar with plain water to my class. haha. 

That's how moms operate, I guess. We put everyone first and ourselves last.

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