Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Fall 2015 : My first essay & Nabil at the Learning Common

The first assignment was hard.

Hard because I have been working for 11 years, I am not used to read academic pieces, I didnt have economic background, I am not familiar with any of the economic theories, I am not used to academic writing since I graduated in 2004 and I have a lot of things going on in my mind...

...such as...Nazran's school, Nabil and Nazreen's struggle at new school, no internet at home, no dining chairs, Nazmi's broken buggy (money!), yellow lights (oh it bothers me A LOT! I hate yellow lamp in the house!!), cold house (we didnt turn on the heater to save money), how to avoid frequent trips to grocery store (because we didnt have car so we could only buy limited quantities of food per trip, hence regular trip), energy bills and many more. 

Against all odd, I told my husband that I am going to stay at the learning common the whole night to do my essay. I need the internet. I will be back the next day. I told him I will bring Nabil along because I knew he will be worried. He agreed.

After Nabil came back from his school (Friday), he took a shower and prepare his stuff. He put his homework and *pillow* in my luggage. I prepared dinner for the family. We went out at 7.30pm. We recited Ayatul Kursi the whole journey from the house to the campus. It was my (our) first time going out at night.

First stop, Main Library. I need to borrow a few books for the assignments. While I was looking for books, Nabil worked on his homework, acting his best as a university student. lol.
Then, around 10pm, we went to the learning common, which opens 24/7.
For the first few minutes, he was doing his work and eating sandwich happily.
The next few minutes, he looked like this. That is one serious pillow!
The security guards were awesome! They checked on the students and re-arranged the chairs regularly throughout the night. They will make sure they will not make any noise while arranging furniture around Nabil while he was sleeping! Thank you!

After Solat Subuh, we packed our stuff. It was so calm, peaceful and warm there.
I really like it there. We went home around 7.30am.
It was really cool to be able to do my work at the learning common with Nabil <3 font="">

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