Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Fall 2015 : Solat (prayer)

Solat is easy eventho I am studying abroad.

Although mosque or proper musolla are located quite far from my class venues, but there are a few quite rooms nearby. 

I pray at St. Peter & Chaplaincy quite room on daily basis. There are aplenty of sejadah (prayer mat) available and the room is usually full during early Zuhur and Asar. I took the ablution downstairs, at the restroom. You need to be strategic and acquire a good time management skill to make sure no one walks in when you have your feet in the sink! LOL.
Last time there was this table, but nowadays, it was no longer there

It feel so peaceful to be able to pray together with fellow sisters and brothers from all over the world after attending a [very hard to understand] lecture or in between doing critical essays. It is an essential break for me from the academic routine in the campus.

If I stay late at the library or learning common (which is quite a distance from St. Peter), I just have to find the right time to pray at the staircase area after strategically and discreetly taking the ablution in the restroom. Some sinks are just wayyyy to high

For non-Muslims who wish to know more about ablution/wudhu, click here. To summarise, Muslims are required to wash certain parts of our body (hence the term ablution/wudhu) before we could perform our solat. These are the parts involved:
(Taken from http://www.dar-alifta.org/)

For new students or visitors at the University of Manchester, these are prayer areas available around the campus. Hope it helps! 
These are solat times during fall in Manchester. Just to give you the idea how early the Maghrib here (compared to Kuala Lumpur).
My friend sent me this after a few weeks we have been practising our time management and water bending skills while taking ablution in the restroom here. I can truly relate to this!

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