Monday, April 4, 2016

Fall 2015: Registering for GP

All residents (including full time students and their families) in the UK should register with a General Practitioner (GP). During visa application process, we have spent GBP1500 for National Health Services (NHS). NHS is a public-funded healthcare system for England. They provide fund for the GPs and medical prescriptions, among others.

We went to one GP before (we walked nearly for 40 minutes) but was told our house is not in their coverage area. They suggested us to go to Cheetham Primary Care Centre.
We walked there from our house. It took us around 30 minutes. 

The whole registration process was a breeze. You need to bring the passports, BRPs, immunisation records for the kids (remember to bring the blue book, if you have a baby and get the medical record from the school, if you have kid - they keep the list of jabs inside there) and medical records for you and your spouse. We obtained the whole list of medication and medical history from our doctors in Malaysia before we came here.

In a few weeks, we received a call to attend a medical check-up at the Centre. After the check up, they set appointments for me (for asthma and pap smear) and for my husband (for diabetes). We also received letters for Nazran and Nazmi to receive a few immunisation jabs.

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